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Gabapentin is shown in the basic therapy and as part of the combined schemes of treatment of epilepsy adults and children and adolescents. The drug is effective against drug-resistant epilepsy in children 8-12 years. Wide use of Gabapentin found in the treatment of various neuropathic pain (postherpetic neuralgia, diabetic neuropathy, post-stroke and phantom limb pain, regional pain syndrome). Gabapentin capsules taken orally as a whole before, after or during a meal, drinking a lot of water. The initial dosage in adults and adolescents during treatment of epilepsy is 300 mg. The amount of the drug increased to 300 mg daily until desired clinical response. The titration reaches the average effective dose 900-1800 mg of drug per day. Some patients require a dosage of 3600 mg. In children 8-12 years of initial dosage of Gabapentin is calculated from the ratio of 10-15 mg/kg/day. In the next three days effective substance dose (25-30 mg/kg/day) divided into 3 doses per day. Another regimen of Gabapentin based on actual weight of the patient. Weight 26-36 kg patient prescribed 900 mg of the drug per day, from 37 to 50 kg or 1200 mg if weight over 50 kg – purpose resort to 1800 mg per day. Therapy of neuropathic pain provides for the appointment of a minimum number of drug – 300 mg/day with gradual titration to 1800 mg per day. This amount of Gabapentin divided into 3 times.

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